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The latest edition of How to Get Off Psychotropic Drugs Safely, is now available as an e-book and at Amazon.com. Barnes and Noble bookstores will carry the book in the coming weeks. This bestselling book details what to do to avoid Lexapro withdrawal side effects, what you can do to eliminate existing Lexapro withdrawal side effects and how to reduce the Lexapro safely. Click here for e-book, you will be directed to Wholesale Book Supply. The e-book allows you to receive the book instantly and it saves a tree!

This is the #1 out-patient drug withdrawal program in the world. Over 40,000 people are now off their medication with this program.

Book Review: "Here is an essential handbook on how to safely and more easily wean yourself (under medical supervision) off the heavily over-prescribed psychotropic medications. I have used the program with my patients and it works!” Hyla Cass M.D. Author of Supplement Your Prescription

The author of the book is also a sought after speaker who trains physicians and psychiatrists how to safely get their patients off Lexapro and other psychoactive medication. The entire book is easy to understand and gives a step-by-step detail how to handle the Lexapro side effects, Lexapro withdrawal if you are already reducing and how the Lexapro must be reduced.

How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely covers:

  • Things to Be Aware of

  • What to do before you reduce benzodiazepines, anti-anxiety drugs, anticonvulsants, and sleep medications

  • What to do before you reduce an antidepressant

  • What to do before you reduce an antipsychotic medication

  • What to do before you reduce ADHD medication or stimulants

  • How to reduce benzodiazepines, anti-anxiety medication, anticonvulsants, and sleep medications

  • How to reduce antidepressants

  • How to reduce antipsychotic medication.

  • How to reduce ADHD medication and stimulants

  • What you can do to eliminate side effects if you are already tapering a drug or quit a drug and are still suffering.

You can also meet the authors:

Meet the authors, James Harper and Jayson Austin, How to Get Off Psychoactive Drugs Safely at the following medical conventions:

Organic Expo West March 11-13, 2011 Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA.

Health Freedom Expo March 25-27, 2011 Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA. The co-author Jayson Austin will be lecturing about the withdrawal methods at the conference. Other speakers will be Kevin Trudeau, Daryl Hannah, Mariel Hemingway, and John Gray.

Parker Chiropractic College Annual Convention Jan. 14-16, 2010 Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV.

Alternative College of Medicine, San Diego, CA. Exact day in April to be announced.

Holistic Treatment: Changing the Way We Look at Recovery April 28-30, 2010 Palms Resort, Las Vegas, NV.  James will be presenting at the conference and the topic will be Duel Diagnosis, How to Solve Drug/Drug Interactions

New World Fair Health Expo May 22-23, 2010 Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA. James will be a keynote speaker and discuss how a person can get off psychoactive medication and what they can do to eliminate the medication side effects.

“I am now more than halfway off my antidepressant, using the program. I was able to reduce a little bit of the medication with my naturopath, but we reached a standstill after the second reduction. The side effects started and we could not get rid of them. The Omega 3 got rid of the brain zaps within a few hours and they never came back. The Body Calm has been amazing at helping me stay calm during the day and with my sleep. And that barley did just what you said it would do for my energy and complete feelings. I can’t thank you enough.”


New York


Taper off Antidepressants: Lexapro, Prozac, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Celexa, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Strattera,

Taper off Benzos:  Ambien, Valium, Klonopin, Librium, Xanax, Ativan, Librium, Halcion, Restoril

Taper off Stimulants:  Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Cylert, Concerta     


That was perhaps the best day of the week probably because it cracked the shell and I accomplished a dozen or more things that I had put off for weeks and in some cases months due to the increasing Paxil dysfunction that increasingly included agoraphobia, although I've never had the problem before.  So in one day I got a haircut, carwash, went to the pharmacy, shopping, took my aunt out to lunch, all boring to read I'm sure, but boy did it feel terrific!  Furthermore today was the fourth "not bad" day and I'm planning to begin my taper on Saturday as planned.

The bottom line is that I already feel like I owe you enormous thanks even though I acknowledge that the hard part is in front of me.  I had severe withdrawal side effects with 30mg., and now that this quack has me up to 60mg. it's gonna be a rough ride, but I'm pretty confident that the further education is going to give me the best shot to overcome this drug addiction.  And overcome I will."  

"I'm sorry I haven't been in touch with you, and I'm sorry about all these damned exclamation points, but I feel GREAT!  Not just good but terrific, and I really feel I owe it all to you.  In fact if I had any children I'd re-name them all James Harper ........ immediately.

Really it's been an amazing process and the reason I haven't been in touch is because I knew it might be obsessively long, because I'm all of a sudden busy again doing all the things I haven't done in months, and because I'm sort of learning to communicate properly once more.  The main point is that I've been taking the supplement daily, sometimes in two batches as you recommended and sometimes all in one big batch, and I wanted to ask if the reason you suggested the two is for better absorption or some other reason, or whether it's OK to take it all at once.

But now let me tell you the taper specifically is going great.  I have 40's and 20's to take my daily 60 and I was able to cut the 20 in half but the first night was too lazy and/or unprepared to figure how to cut it into quarters, so three nights ago I began taking 50mg. The first night I had the usual nightmares and was a little dizzy in the morning though I took the supplement and it helped right away.  The second and third night I also took the 50mg. and so far I feel great with no side effects, unlike all the other times.

I had intended to cut down just 5mg. since that was closer to the 10% recommended, but ten worked like a charm and I'm gonna stay on it at least a week or week and a half before lobbing off another ten and going to 40mg.  I know you stressed it's important to feel good and not just for a day or two before moving forward.  But I'm not only feeling great but specifically in ways that mean more to me than you can't imagine.

I've had wasting disease and have had little appetite that was getting worse and worse.  In fact the few months before finding you I was down to eating barely enough to survive which is one reason I knew I had to find a solution or waste away.  Well my appetite is not only back but with a vengeance, and for somebody with an eating problem which I was beginning to think was a disorder like anorexia, this was the very best of all gifts you could have given me (after all I'm Italian and I'm not supposed to be skin and bones - no amount of "mangia, mangia" makes you eat if you have no appetite).  Now I'm hungry all the time and I feel as if I haven't eaten in a year, and in a way that's true.

Also my energy, both mental and physical have been great.  My parents are old and not overly well and I'd been faced with doing more around here and knew I had to fix myself up if that was gonna happen.  Yesterday I got the entire lawn done which usually takes me two or three daze, and much more besides.  I also managed to get my E-bay business (records and comix) up and running again so that will give me a much-needed income once more, disability not quite covering much.

James, I could go on and on but you truly are my hero right now and maybe forever.  I feel like you've given me a chance at a fresh start and one I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get again.  I figured 17 years of HIV was a good run and it was time to pack it in, but now I think that I'm only 44 and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time, and most of all I have hope again not only that I won't die (which was the easy part) but that I can have a great life once more as I used to and fulfill more of the dreams I thought would remain unfulfilled such as doing more travel and going back to Europe.

Well I am a little hyper but in a wonderful way, and if I feel "speedy" it's probably because the supplement
 is repairing things chemically
and that mega-dose of Paxil is acting like the large dose it is.  When I re-order I'm most likely going to order your vitamins as well, and I have a friend who I'm hoping will visit your site and place an order.  He's a healthy guy but has been increasingly angry and snapping (he's a postal worker!), so his psychiatrist took him off Paxil cold turkey and puts him on something else.  Last night he told me he was having bad withdrawals from the Paxil but was told the new stuff would kick in about three weeks from now.  Yikes!"

I have had some trouble sleeping but I am guessing that will eventually pass. I haven't taken the supplement since I stopped tapering but I am going to begin again today and see if that helps with the sleeplessness. 

I am pleasantly surprised that it is the only side effect I am dealing with. The supplement really was the key to my success as I had tried to taper off many times before and never was able to do so. Let me know if you need a spokesperson!!! :-)

I'll let you know what happens with the lack of sleep...thanks for listening and all of your advice!"

I needed to function while I tapered and thought I would try the supplement. 

Are you ready? I AM NOW PAXIL FREE FOR 1 MONTH!!!!!!

There were a few mild side effects during the taper but none that interfered with my daily life. I had a few headaches but when I took the supplement and in a day the side effects went away in a matter of hours!"


(Taper book recommended for this person to go back to 20 MG of Paxil to get stable before tapering)

" Tonight (Sunday) I have taken my 7th dose of supplement I am now back to 20 mg. of Paxil and feeling better except for the tightness in my chest & back and a lot of indigestion.  Should I continue the supplement now that I am back to 20 mg. or do I taper off for now or until I decided to decrease my dosage of Paxil?  Thank you for your help in advance.

I am ready to taper from 20 to 15, how do I split 20's as I have no 10's?  20 has made me feel so tired all the time and I am still being tested for tightness in the chest had EKG and Cardiolite test this past week.  Have to go back Tuesday for more testing. 

I just got blood work tests back from my doctors office and I am wondering if Paxil is responsible for increasing your cholesterol & Tri-Glycerides.  My cholesterol is 292 and my Tri-Glycerides are 381...I have never had that high of tests in my life.  They are usually within normal range.  

I am maintaining my sanity with all this garbage going on in my life.  Hee Hee...  I have been to the cardiologists office twice this week for testing.  I will see my doctor tomorrow and ask her for 10 mg. of Paxil because I want to get off this drug.  I will go to 15 until stable like you suggested but 20mg is too much for me.  I still have bad dreams and I tire with little activity. I have increased my supplement
 and feel that is helping.  Thanks for caring."

I have managed without any problem to get down to 15 mg. and I am feeling well.  Just a little tiredness, other than that feeling good.  None of the other side effects thanks to supplement.

"I am down to 15mg. of Paxil and taking my supplement

Thanks to you I am feeling great."

Today is the fourth day in my initial taper from Celexa.  I am presently taking 7.5 mg. and supplement
 daily.  I am really pleased with the results so far.  In the past I have not been able to make it through the third day of tapering without becoming extremely ill and eventually taking more of the Celexa to make me feel better.  This is the first time I have genuinely tapered and not skipped days as instructed by my physicians but I still feel that the supplement is really helping. 
I certainly have more energy and virtually no side effects.  Today I noticed my heart seemed to pound occasionally which I experienced when I first started taking the Celexa but it's not constant and it's not really that bothersome.  I figure once I get used to the lower dosage it will go away."

I am down to the final stretch in my tapering!  I am taking 2.5 mg and it seems to be working fine.  This is my second day and I haven't really felt any different yet.  I am sure that I have so much residual medication in me that it could be a while before I'm back to my old self.  Mostly I am excited because I know that I am going to be rid of this medication shortly. 

As far as side effects, while I was at the 5 mg. level I got a little queasy and began taking an extra supplement which I found to be really helpful.  I also told myself that this was it and I was not going to give in to anymore pills and I found the positive self talk made me feel stronger.  I have noticed that I am a bit more irritable but nothing that I can't cope with.  And if irritability is the only side effect I will have to face, then I consider myself lucky. 

I can't believe how successful I have been with the supplement.  The last time I tried to taper before the using the supplement I ended up at the doctor's office twice and they put me on antibiotics and some anti-nausea medication since they thought I had a virus.  It took about a month before they concluded that it was the Paxil, and the solution they came up with was to try me on Celexa....!"

I had forgotten what it felt like to feel normal.

I haven't started tapering yet; want to stay on the supplement for two weeks first.  My doctor recommended I immediately cut down from 20 mg. to 10 mg. for 1 week, then to 5 for 1 week, and then stop.  When I stopped cold turkey last year from the Effexor, I thought I was going to die.  The electric zaps were horrible, I was dizzy, disoriented, couldn't function - had to immediately get back on the Effexor.  My doctor had never told me to taper off.  Now I want to be real careful, never want to go thru those symptoms again, plan on doing it right this time!

I WILL stay in touch with you throughout this process because I think that what you are doing is very commendable, people need to know.  As far as I am concerned, I think doctors are way too quick to prescribe antidepressants these days - 3/4 of my friends are on them!  Only they fail to mention the consequences.  Any drug that messes you up this bad can't be good, but I guess there are definitely people that benefit from them and need them.  I just don't think most people do."

I am doing very well.  The symptoms I experienced with the Celexa withdrawal are finally gone.  It took a very long six weeks."

It has been great.  I am completely off all meds now!  My husband is so proud of me.  He's like, "Have you had your supplement tonight?" I have sent the info to my mom and friends also.  I honestly never thought I'd be able to get off these drugs.  It is really a miracle.  I was actually going to write you though with a question.  I still get the hot flashes and headaches--(I always had migraines, but the hot flashes came with the Effexor) --do you think they will go away with time--also I feel light headed and a little dizzy sometimes.  

(I am now drug free after nine years!!!!)"

I paid for it though, and would never recommend to anyone that they try to hurry the process.
supplement really worked for me.  While it helped to rid my body of Zoloft, it also gave me the energy boost I needed to keep up the fight."

I have completed 10 days so far using the supplement and still taking my Zoloft. I am very pleased with the results so far. Unfortunately my doctor is on vacation, and therefore I haven't started tapering off the Zoloft as yet. I want to consult with her first, and will see her on the 12th of March.

I sleep so much better, and I dare say at this point in time that my irregular heart rhythms seem to have abated as well. I was hesitant at first to acknowledge even to myself that perhaps the horror that I have lived with where my heart beats were concerned, had actually slowed and diminished almost completely, but enough time has passed for me to feel comfortable enough to admit it.

Losing the 30 pounds I have gained since being on the Zoloft is my next goal, and because nothing I did seemed to work since I have been taking this medication, I will have to wait until I am tapering off to begin again in that direction.

I've had a strange day.  I haven't taken Zoloft since the night before last.  I was really dizzy earlier but since I had dinner, I feel a lot better.  I'm trying to eat less.  I put on a few pounds over the last several years and I want to get back to where I was.  I'm thinking that maybe the dizziness, although definitely related to Zoloft withdrawal, may have been worsened by not eating much today.

I also wanted to tell you that my house is clean and I enjoyed getting it that way.  I looked in the mirror today and I was happy with the face that was looking back at me. 

And I'm feeling optimistic and excited about the future.     How's that for an update?

I feel like I might cry again!!!

One more thing to be optimistic about.  For me, this is like living a dream or winning the lottery. 

I'll make sure I eat enough and won't worry about my weight for the next month.  I'll keep up my walking every night, though.  It's been great!

Today is the best day I've had in a week.  I'm still dizzy and I have a headache, but the bizarre stuff I was feeling isn't bothering me.  I don't know if I can explain this so it makes sense, but... no matter how bad it got, there's an underlying strength and passion and energy that's been helping me get through it.  I honestly believe the energy is coming from the supplement
 and the rest is surfacing as the Zoloft cloud slowly goes away.

What an experience this is!  I'm going to put it to use eventually.  I'd really like to help this cause somehow in the future.  I've never felt this strongly about anything.  One step at a time, though.

I had a really nice day today.  I spent a lot of time in my garden and took my daughter shopping.  I'm still a bit dizzy, but it's very minor.  Mostly when I turn my head.  I have no pain, no tingling.  I've been getting up early like I used to years ago and enjoying the morning.  I go for a walk after dinner, get some work done on the computer, read a little and I'm ready for bed by 10:00 .  I love my new schedule!

Here's another change  ... I go to the door when the doorbell rings.  I'm feeling good about seeing people.  Oh, and I got a new hairstyle."

Right at one month to the date my son's rash is gone. COMPLETELY. My wife and I have just realized he has not had a fever in about two weeks. I have to admit, at first when we purchased the supplement
 I did not believe it would help,
I am a believer now. My entire family now uses supplement
 daily for preventive measures.
Thank you."

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